OBIEE Online Training by Real time expert USA OBIEE Training

Obiee Online training by real time expert from USA:


Complete OBIEE Online Training course by 10 years real time expert.

Obiee Introduction:

First of all congratulations for choosing OBIEE as your career option.

OBIEE is one of the most emerging reporting tool ever since Oracle has taken over Siebel.

In the coming 6 months there are going to be many existing and new projects that will be migrated to OBIEE from their existing reporting tools. And the billing rate in USA is anywhere from 60$ – 90$ as an average for OBIEE developer, if you can manage as a OBIEE architect, then it will cross 100$ easily.

And above all OBIEE is very easy to learn and fun to learn, you do not need coding skills, but just a little logic and familiarity with the tool.

Why me as your tutor?

There are many advertisements for OBIEE training program and you will be definitely confused which one to opt. Here are few of many points why you should choose me.

  • I will make you to love the subject you are learning. This is the most important thing that most of the tutors will miss.
  • Complete installation guide of OBIEE and Oracle in your computer. And will login to your computer and help if you are not able to install.
  • I have a real time IT experience of 11 years. Initially started my career as a Java developer, Performance engineer and eventually moved to OBIEE. So I have complete understanding of IT scenarios in USA so, if you are looking for a job in USA then definitely I will teach you not only subject but how to talk to client, how to discuss in meetings, how to send emails in the office, what are your main steps to be taken care when you first join the job? Etc… these will help you build confidence and saves you from doing silly mistakes.
  • I will mostly concentrate on real time issues rather than simply teaching you the OBIEE course. This will help you when you join the job and while attending interviews.
  • I will give you all possible interview questions with answers and take a preliminary interview to build your confidence. I will also give you a video of my own recorded session of a real obiee interview. This will help you how to answer in the interview.
  • I will give you OBIEE job support if you get any issues in the real time.
  • Will give you complete OBIEE material for your reference which nobody will have in general.
  • You can cancel the course with in first 2 classes. i.e you will only pay before the 3rd class.
  • I will explain you the real time requirements in OBIEE at clients place so it will be easy for you after joining the first job.
  • Last but not least, teaching OBIEE is my passion, I do not run a professional training institute that teaches all the courses. I will only teach OBIEE and nothing else.

Course Content of OBIEE training:

Data warehousing concepts needed for Obiee

  • Introduction
  • Architecture of data warehousing (Sources, Transformations and Targets)
  • Data Extraction, Data Transformations and Data Loading
  • Staging Area, Metadata, Repository and Data Mart
  • Differences between OLTP and OLAP( DSS ) Systems
  • Operational Data Store( ODS )
  • Star Schema Design & Confirmed Dimension, Fact less Fact Table, Types of Facts
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions( SCD )
  • Business Intelligence
  • Informatica, data warehousing, oibee how and where these 3 things will come in development? Confused??

 OBIEE Online Training Course Content

1. Obiee need & the informatica relation with obiee

2. OLTP, OLAP VS Obiee

3. Introduction to Repository, Answers and dashboards

4.Creating Data sources in ODBC and connecting to Database

5.Connection pool settings

6. Importing data from database in to obiee

7. Creating physica and business data model diagrams

8. Creating query logs and seeing log files of generated sql queries.

9. Building Business model layer

10. building physical model layer

11. Renaming wizard utility

12. Creating Session variables(system and non system) and repository variables (static and dynamic)

13. Creating calculation measures (repository, physical and answers)

14. Creating Aggregate tables and use of them

15. Obiee administration settings.

16. Direct sql calling

17. Report criteria in Answers tool.

18. building various forms of reports such as pie charts, table views, graphs, bars etc..

19. Creating filters to reports

20. Creating prompts in reports.

21. Creating dashboards.

22. Dashboards user roles and permissions.

23, Performance tuning of reports

24. Cache management.

25. Multi user environment. (MUD)

26. Building dimensions and hierarchies for Drill down reports..

27. Real times issues discussions.

28. resume preparation

29. Interview questions and answers.

30.Job searching.

31. Apart from this, I will teach many real time issues while discussing the class.

If you are interested in this OBIEE online training course, then give me a call or email me.


 Obiee Fast Track Training Online (if you are interested in fast track training)


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